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Tagging-Guns As the innovators and leading suppliers of tagging systems, Tach-It has the widest variety and best quality of Tagging Guns, Tagging Needles, General Purpose, and heavy-duty fasteners. All of this along with our Special Products, Competitive Pricing, Excellent Service makes Tach-It the company to come to for all your tag attaching needs.



Tach-It2 Tag Gun
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Tach-It2 Tag Gun

Known throughout the industry as the best tagging gun in the world, our Tach-It 2 guns are designed for high productivity applications and for quality conscious consumers. Features include; a lightweight and ergonomic design, heavy duty construction, the ability to accept regular or micro-spaced fasteners, cap to protect both the needle and the operator when the gun is not inch use, steel cutter which is separate from the needle for easy low cost replacement, and a needle storage compartment in the rear of the gun to keep employees tagging.  


Tach-It2 Tag Gun  


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